Job Description

St. John United Methodist Church – 550 Mt. Paran Rd. Atlanta GA 30327       

Position Title:            Discipleship Pastor to Youth Families

Position Summary

The Discipleship Pastor for Youth Families at St. John UMC is responsible for inputs into an overall ministry with students and their families that has as it’s goal the maturing discipleship of Jesus Christ, within and without the life of the church.  The position will lead youth volunteers and maturing youth toward ‘doing’ the ministry through a team based approach.  This position reflects pastoral ministry that encompasses care and love of youth, their families and those sharing in the ministry with youth.  The focus of this position will not be to simply create ‘programs’, though a few may be a part of that work.   Rather the role of Discipleship Pastor will be to lead youth into relationships that set them on a pathway to life pursued with Jesus Christ both for themselves and ultimately others.

About St. John UMC

St. John UMC is a 55 year old church located in the Sandy Springs area, just inside the Atlanta I-285 perimeter.   St. John is pursuing a ministry direction that aims at making and maturing youth as passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.   The church averages 125 weekly in worship and the youth group, 8-14 weekly in youth gatherings.  Learn more about St. John UMC at


  1. Live, breath eat and sleep the desire to meet the youth of our world where they are at, loving and giving them Christ.  The primary responsibility will always be loving youth as a platform for leading them into relationships with Jesus Christ.
  2. Lead the church in discerning and implementing the most fruitful ways to share in youth ministry today.  The church’s vision is for a ministry that is shared and owned by the people of St. John rather than one individual.  This person will lead youth and the church into their own youth ministry!  Coordination will include but not be limited to:  (1) a weekly ministry gathering and/or worship experience, (2) opportunities to value community through fellowship experiences, (3) engagement of Scripture in creative ways that make application to youth living and (4) missions that teach service while aiming for spiritual transformation.
  3. Be a pastor to the youth, their families and friends.  This will ultimately lead one into the homes and into the lives of youth and youth families.  The position will lead one out of the church more than inside an office.
  4. Be a pastor to youth in the community.  St. John has a unique relationship with the Northside Youth Organization.  For more than 40 years, 9, 10 and 11 year olds have played ball on the St. John Field behind the church.  Ideally the pastor here would look to serve these families as more than 200 kids play on our campus each week, Spring and Fall.
  5. The position will involve building relationships of trust in the community that God can use to bear fruit in the kingdom.  At the heart of ministry at St. John is loving our community into the truth of Christ loving them.
  6. Lead youth and their families into missions, local and foreign that transform understandings of the life Jesus offers.
  7. Fully serve on staff at St. John UMC as needed.

Skills and Experience Required

◦A personal and growing commitment to serve and follow

Jesus, leading by example in love, faith and service of Christ.

◦Extensive experience in discipling youth.

◦Experience in leading congregations in accomplishing their

own ministry.

◦The ability to articulate communications with excellence

both in community (verbally) and in written form.

◦Excellent ability to build relationships of trust in partnership

with God.

◦A philosophy of discipleship that is in harmony with The United

Methodist Church.

◦Technical ability to communicate with youth through ever

changing mediums.

◦Genuine love of teenagers, children, adults and older adults!

◦Experience leading youth programs a plus.

◦Musical background a plus.


This is a Full Time Position.  Resumes with work references should be sent to SPR Chair Linda Basham via email at  Salary and benefits will be competitive and negotiable.